All the jewellery presented on this site can be created according to your wishes.

The customer can choose:

The material

- patinum

- gold

- silver

- copper

The material's (gold) colour and titer (14, 18, 22 carat gold).

The colour of the gems embeded.

The type of the gems:

- Real pearls and gems

- Syntethic gems


We decorate our jewels with various engraving and carving techniques. After discussion theese can be based on your own drawings or photos or can even be coosen from our catalogue in our store.

Jewels may be bought at our store for cash, or can be purchased with material(gold, silver) brought by the customer and paying the wages only. When crafting jewellery from brought material we count with a 10% loss due to reforging.

The "Fantasy" rings listed in the galley got their numbers according to our catalogue.