About us

Our company was founded in March 1995 in Sashalom. Since then, step by step this small enterprise realised all the thougts of our clients with deligent work to be able to serve the costomers a high variety of fine jewellery. Instead of mass production we decided to take the path of unique jewel crafting. People from all ages will get what they are looking for. Our colleagues - having many years of experience - help our costomers to find the most appropriate jewel or collection. Today we wait our clients with large stocks of variable jewellery in the heart of Budapest, with homely environment, in our shop in Sashalom.

Our staff:

Andrea Chladek is responsible for buisness management, shop interior, and the coordination of aquireing raw minerals and gems.
The founder goldsmith, Tibor Fürsthal makes sure from the very begining, that our dear costomers are only going to get the finest of jewellery and that they will allways have plenty of charming pieces to choose from.
Zsolt Barta, te best engraver of Hungary helps our clients to realise their dreams with his creative design work.